Staff Diary (2012.12.04-07)



Translations by: Hatsumichan

Finally tomorrow!

Hello everyone!
This is probably my first entry in a while.

After we announced YUI’s hiatus to everyone, the staff blog has also
ended up not writing anything for a while, but the YUI team is the same as always, happily and energetically having fun while busily doing work!

Today was YUI’s rehearsal for tomorrow’s “FNS Kayousai.”
Since there are many performers appearing on the show, the atmosphere felt like that of a festival’s, and she was able to properly finish her rehearsal!
Many wonderful collaborations are waiting for you tomorrow, so everyone, please definitely check out the show when it’s on air tomorrow.

??????????????????????????GREEN GARDEN POP??ORANGE GARDEN POP????????
And also! We mustn’t forget that tomorrow is finally the day that the best albums “GREEN GARDEN POP” and “ORANGE GARDEN POP” go on sale!

Are there some of you who have already gotten it before the release date?
Those of you who haven’t, please look forward to tomorrow!

* The picture is, what’s this?! It’s the rumored truck that’s actually been driving around Hong Kong,
the “Ice Cream Wagon”!



Bokura no Ongaku

Everyone, how are you?
The streets are one step ahead of everyone and already filled with “Christmas.”
It’s very cold, but are you all staying healthy?

Well then well then, her first best album has been released
and thank very much you for all the messages.

Every single one of them were very heart-filled messages,
and we were very touched by them.

While looking back at YUI’s music,
we want to support
YUI’s feelings and her new start.

With those feelings, the staff
is doing their best too!

“Bokura no Ongaku” (Fuji TV) goes on air tonight.

The parts inside it are filled with
the love and affection of the program’s staff.

We are always motivated
by the the “feelings” that go into creating a TV program
that come from “Bokura no Ongaku.”

It’s such a wonderful television show.
By all means, please check it out.

We would like to
complete all of our work properly one by one
until the end of the year.

<Kouhaku Utagassen’s Press Conference. The number of press present was crazy~!>

Please keep continuing to support us.

dewa dewa.




Yes, these were from early December but we got the Staff Diary entries translated eventually ^__^