YUI-Lover Challenge is over… And the winners are…!!!



Thank you everyone that has participated and completed the first YUI-Lover Challenge!
Lots of great entries here and it was very heart-warming to read everyone’s answers. It’s amazing how far YUI’s music has reached to so many international fans.
Our hope is for YUI-Lovers to continue spread YUI’s music to every corner of the earth until the end of times.. Y_ Y

Without further ado, I will now announce the two winners~~~

(Not the actual copies.. these are mine xD)


Winner of GREEN GARDEN POP is……

Winner of ORANGE GARDEN POP is……



I didn’t want to end this contest because it feels like we are coming to the end of an age.
Even though next year YUI related news will scarce, I plan to keep working to maintain this place, getting ready for YUI’s glorious return!

Keep checking for possible future YUI-Lover activities and challenges!!