Staff Diary (2012.12.18-19)




There are only few days remaining of this 2012 right?
Are you all doing alright?

It seems like many of you have listened to the best album just released this 5th
We are really happy about it!
Also, as expected, the photo books are really popular!
Thank you very much!

The oportunities of watching YUI on TV towards the end of the year are increasing.
Please don’t forget to check every broadcast!

After today’s task, while having some shabushabu for our body and spirit (totally made up xD )
YUI’s TEAM unintentionally made an “OK pose together.



Carefuly, carefuly.

Hello, everyone
Are you all doing fine in these cold days?
Christmas is also very close isn’t it?

?SHE LOVES YOU??????????
Well then, just in time for Christmas
The raffle for SHE LOVES YOU present
“Original iPhone cover” is advancing.

Posted Image

The Staff is checking every single entry
to decide the winners.
(So.. is not a raffle? lol)

????????????????? ??????
Our chest is struck by such heartfelt messages. Thank you!

By the way, the design looks like this.

Posted Image

If you use this it will appear that the hippo is take a big bite out of the apple (Haha)
It became a fantastic result.

The finaly product will be ready in no time
so we will send it as soon as we get it!

Please wait a little more.

Dewa dewa, please continue supporting us.