Surprise Guest YUI at Shanghai Japan Culture Week Event!


The Shanghai Japan Culture Week ??????? is a three day joint cultural event that ran from September 23-25, 2011. This is the first cultural interchange event held by China Japan and had featured various performances by Japanese artists (AKB48), Japanese kimono dressing and tea ceremony demonstrations, and other attractions including a ‘cosplay’ (costume play) competition. This special event was held  to express gratitude for China’s aid after the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

Apparently, this event was free for those who won the lottery from neighboring universities, some students sold “tickets” at a very high price (USD $472).

Popular J-pop girl group AKB48 members performed at 90 minute concert on Saturday, September 24th but the best surprise was to come on the last day! A special guest appeared at this event, and who would it be other than our beloved YUI!


YUI was only allowed to perform 3 songs, here is the setlist:

1) Green
2) I’ll be
3). Good-bye days


Here is a Chinese person’s report of YUI’s performance at the event!


At the scene: YUI’s Surprise Appearance at the Shanghai Japan Culture Week! (PICS & TRUTH)

Translated by: CHU-LIP & Panda & cyclo


On the morning of the 25th, after the finals of the University students’ “Shanghai Karaoke Competition” which is part of the “2011 Shanghai Japanese Culture Week” (taking place at the Shanghai International Studies University, Songjiang Campus), had ended successfully. The contest the host announced that a surprise guest (Gesuto) would go on stage and perform, who is the guest? At the scene the fan’s emotions are running high, lets take a look ~

Although the organisers kept the information a secret, once the host asked “can you guess who the mystery guest is?”, without a moment to waste, all the fans shouted “YUI!”. According to reports, before this YUI was in Shanghai to participate in Jiu Guang Department Store’s 7th year Anniversary event, and under the invitation of the Japanese Embassy’s Consulate General, became the special guest of this event.
?Green’ll be???Good-bye days???????????Green“3.11”???????YUI ?????????“Green”?????“????????|??????”?
She sang three songs, ?Green’ll be???Good-bye days?,  consecutively. Among which, ??Green about to be released on Oct 5th, and is a song inspired by the YUI’s thoughts and emotions after the 3.11 earthquake. “Green”‘s meaning is “to live with nature”.
In the midst of her performance, even the way she drinks water is so Kakkoii (cool), this journalist was mesmerized on site ~~><~~


Rushing with all my might to the front row to reach my little hand out to YUI… … In the end, YUI said “Thank you everyone for inviting me here today. I am very glad to be able to be a part of this great event.”

????????????YUI????Good-bye days?~
Finally, here’s the live recording of YUI’s ?Good-bye days?~

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References: MSN Sankei News


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