YUI-Lover’s Japan Relief Raffle *Update*


This is the latest list of members joining the raffle.

PWRTSM 2 tickets
Kikino 2 tickets
Dracul 1 tickets
waratte 2 tickets
/\/\r.x 2 tickets
hbdcrKevin 5 tickets
FelipeJbassBrazil 1 tickets
Hirotana 1 tickets
diablorule 3 tickets
Brad 6 tickets
ukoziak 1 tickets
azngfxboy 1 tickets
gotchi 1 tickets
cyclo 5 tickets
KiM 5 tickets

Remember this raffle will be opened until May 9th and the prices will be two exclusive copies of YUI-Lover Collaboration 4!

We asked our model to display a copy for us:

Thanks xD
Note: price does not include the book on the right… or the model xD

One more thing. The raffle will finish with a LIVE VIDEO BROADCAST!
(You can do it, Gotchi!) xD

For more details visit the forum!