Suspicious Remix of YUI’s – “Why me” on iTunes/Amazon Store



Out of curiosity, I was doing an iTunes search for “YUI” ‘s music and I came across something suspicious.

Go into the iTunes music store and search: YUI & Star Scene

You will notice a song called “Why me” and yes, you will find that it is YUI’s song. This person, “Star Scene” has made a ‘remix’ version of it and has posted this for sale on Amazon & in the iTunes store. As this is not an official release, this should be reported and taken down as this “Star Scene” dj does not have the rights to use this for personal gain. According to the iTunes store, the song is apparently “copyrighted under Starlight Recording.”

See Amazon posting here

We did a little search and found “Star Scene”‘s SoundCloud account where various mixes of songs are made.

Michael Jackson
Daft Punk

The idea of remixes are fun but posting any song for sale without the rights to them is violating copyright laws and is deemed illegal.

I hope Sony Japan picks up on this issue. I also hope this user “Star Scene” removes this from the Amazon & iTunes store as soon as possible. Perhaps, Sony Japan, should join and provide YUI’s music on the iTunes store and make it official? ^^


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