Staff Diary (2012.04.12) — Cherry Blossoms



Translated by Hatsumichan

Cherry Blossoms

Everyone, how are you doing?

Are you solving puzzle rings?


You shouldn’t cheat like this (lol. (eyewitness information from the second time she was caught)

In Tokyo, the cherry blossoms have all fallen due to yesterday’s rain, so it’s a little sad, but…

the streets that are dyed with the color of cherry blossoms have this elegant feeling, and it’s rather wonderful isn’t it.

??????????????? by ?fight?
“Because it is fleeting, it’s beautiful” by “fight”
(???? (chiri yuku) means to fall off in terms of flowers and leaves, but to fade away/disappear in general)

Well then, well then, I have already announced this in the INFORMATION section, but

appearance on the show “Minna no Uta” (Everyone’s Song) has been confirmed!!

It’s on the air from August to September, so it’s still a little while away, but by all means, please look forward to it.

“Minna no Uta” is a show that we staff, as well as YUI, watched a lot when we were little, so we’re very happily looking forward to it!

By the way, this picture came from YUI the other day.


In an interview, she was asked “Recently, what do you do to stay healthy?” but…

“To stay healthy… probably sports!” was the comment that was included.


This is a simulation of golf isn’t it!?

…It ain’t a sport at all! (he uses Kansai dialect here so I tried to make the English sound a little different too lol)

…or so I retorted to myself, so I thought that I would let all of you know as well (lol.

But I guess, I’ve also played with the simulation before but,

surprisingly, the next day, my muscles and joints were screaming at me..

And now that that’s been said…

“R no Housoku” (Rule of R) (NHK) will also be broadcasted soon!


“R no Housoku” (Rule of R)


We recorded it the other day, but she answered a bunch of questions from all of you one by one, so

please, by all means, check it out.

???DVD?Blu-ray?Cruising ?HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE??????????????????????
Thank you very much for all your continuous thoughts and reviews on the Live DVD & Blu-Ray “Cruising ~HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE~”!

There’s about 2 hours of content that you can enjoy in all different aspects

?????????Let’s Cruising??
so for those who haven’t seen it yet, by all means, Let’s Cruising!!


Well then, well then~


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