The mystery of HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN (Where is the house from the lyrics booklet?)



Report made by the amazing Akabane Ouji
This took a while to translate. Thanks to PWRTSM for the assistance.

The mystery of HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN (Where is the house from the lyrics booklet?)

I wonder where they had a photoshoot before? I have thought many times. It seems foreign but, from the telephone poles in the background, it probably is in east Japan.
In another take she appears relaxing in a house with a swimming pool. There is also something that resembles the surface of a lake on the left hand. with these only clues I thought it was impossible to find so I should quit.
But since I didn’t have any other locations to go, I tried to investigate earnestly.
I formed an investigation team with a friend who goes with me at concerts since a long time. (Althought we were only two).
ÇWe spent two nights investigating and after three hours of trial and error we finally found out. Riding my friend’s car we went on a pilgrimage. This is it.

From Tokyo it takes about 2 hours by car. The site is in Chiba prefecture Isumi city Taito. How I found is a long story.

… and the story will remain in Japanese in case you want to read it xD

This is outside Taito station in Sotobo line. In front of the station it was calm and empty.
It should take around 25 minutes of walking to get to the place.

We went by car using GPS And the place is covered by rice fields, but the farm road is just big enough for one car to pass.
Approaching the destination, the road becomes thinner, so we had to go back and park on the street and continue by foot.

Looks like everything around this place belongs to this house. It looks like they used to sell gardening articles here before. It also looks like there was a cafe here until around 2005. there is a sign with indications of how to get there in Taitou School. If you follow the sign, you will get there before long. It’s just that the store is out of business now.

It looks like nowadays, this place is only used for photoshoots for magazines. Of course, a family is currently living here.

Of course we couldn’t pass the fence. We shouldn’t enter.
We were satisfied by this much, so we didn’t think about it. I took a quick picture trying not to look suspicious and left.

I don’t think I would recommend this place for a visit.
The schedule ended after doing a couple of things. we were lucky it was fresh that day. It was a nice expedition.

There was a vast paddy field all over the place
Head rice of the end of July

Kujuukurihama’s southern tip, Taitou fishing harbour
There is a beach on this opposite side, the temperature was about 21º and it was cloudy, but it the weather was better I would swim here for sure….

From the lighhouse of Taitou, you can view the end of Isumigawa river.
With all these various things, the day off was over.