[Unofficial] YUI’s BEST ALBUM Release December 5th (Infobomb!)



Rumours about this release have been around for about a month already, but I needed to gather enough details and sources to make this article.
This all the info we have!


Official information:

? YUI had planned a Best Album before SHE LOVES YOU was even decided.

She stated in B-PASS 11 Interview:

?SHE LOVES YOU????????????????????????
Could you tell us what was the whole story that lead to the birth of ?SHE LOVES YOU??

“I’ll be breaking into my 8th year since debuting, So I have many songs in my hand already. The best album’s release was decided ahead. Then, the idea about cover (album) that I’ve been abstaining from until now finally became a possibility for me to be done freely. So before doing that “Maybe making a combination disc with all of us could be interesting?! That kind of idea was born. Though, since it was my own idea, I wouldn’t know if it would work until I asked. I was excited asking “I wonder who will sing for me?”


Unofficial information:
(Again it’s unofficial!! )

? Release date: December 5th

? It won’t be just one album but two separated albums with different content.

? Both albums will have 2 CDs

Already confirmed by:

? Limited editions will include a “Histori Book” (Info leaked by music Shop’s clerk)
(Knowing Sony, it won’t be a BOOK, but maybe just YUI’s career summarized in the CD booklet or something…)

? Official information about the release will be released on November 7th


? YUI recorded an MV on October 13th in Shibuya.
The info was tweeted by a fan who saw her that day. The tweet was deleted soon after.

The curious part is what @SMR_info published on twitter that day~

“We are at a livehouse in Shibuya now. We are plannig a project that will be published in a couple of months…”


Maybe this recording is related to this Best album. If that’s the case, this album might include new songs too?


That’s it all. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the official confirmation of all this ^_^


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