yui comments Kamisama (2015.02.03)



I got so delayed compared with others…

Translated by Spring-san

This is yui.

It’s getting colder and colder again, isn’t it?
Is your physical condition OK?

Though i’m late, I’d like to comment on “Kamisama”.

I feel there has been rather more acoustic songs before “Kamisama” was made.
So, as a trial, we talked about making a bit more rock oriented song.

Then, we all challenged ourselves in a rocker song making mode and this song was finished.
I think that since mura?jun kindly gave us the introduction with such impact, the melody was also done in a similar way.

At first, I seemed to be stubborn not to play anything than acoustic guitar (lol), I think I began to play (electric guitar) around this time.

All in all, the song was made somewhat aggressive and pushing and this song became an indispensable song in the album, which I feel rather mysterious.

Around there, all the members started to feel more free, and began to make rock songs also.

The lyrics, as the play was aggressive. (lol)
The lyrics also became deep so that it’s balanced (with the play).
I tried to write lyrics about things that usually make me want to close my eyes.
Even I become tense when I sometimes listen to it.

The recording was done by one-take at a studio, but drum and bass was taken again at another studio.
Depending on the studio, it seems that especially the drum sound will change. I remember when I and mura?jun were watching the other two playing.

At the beginning, I was not good at operating machines and I was using effectors with nothing but my intuition. But, I found many sounds through the teachings of mafumafu.
Those have been applied since around the time “Kamisama” was made.

Well then, next time I will write keeping up with other members.

See you again!!



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