yui’s comment about “Shiki”



Translated by Tecchan and Kiki

The first time I watched the completed movie , I simply thought it was beautiful.
The beauty and severity of nature, the strength and the weakness of the human being, which seem to contradict each other, but at the same time, they seem to be unified.
I felt it was difficult to put into words. But I started feeling something as I let the images and sounds get into my head. I’m really glad to participate with our music in this fantastic movie.

I love both Little Forests, the original manga and this movie. It’s warm and gentle. But it gives me strength as if it pushes my back forward. As a fan, I think this wonderful movie gives a little more abundancy and power of imagination to the life ahead of us, so please I wish you to experience this too.

I put a lot of thought into the themes that came out of the movie.
Food, daily living, human relations, grow to adulthood, nature, love, conflicts, life itself, traditions, your own feelings, doubt, reality, wisdom…
In the beginning, Ichiko, the protagonist, seemed worried to me.
Being stopped by a barrier. Sometimes going over it. Others not being able to. And struggling while confronted by people around her whose words were thrusting in.

I felt that’s exactly how one lives, how one is living.
It’s as natural as inhaling and exhaling air, and it’s too natural to notice, but it’s very important and indispensable. I think this may be such a story.

I felt, in this work, such individual answers were reflected, and when I finished watching, I had a feeling that I also took a big step.
Although the way of feeling varies among individuals, I would like you to taste the very feeling of something that remains.

And regarding the making of the songs, we read the original work over and over again, discussed with other members in repeated sessions. 
Usually, the discussion is part of sessions. It’s like someone sends a message with their sound, and all of us resonate with it.
Closing eyes, calling the images to mind and emit a sound. I think it won’t work unless we all get along.
Therefore, I’m grateful that the images of all of us resonated with each other, making sounds properly.
The engineer, Uni-san also contributed to making the world view.
The sound of hitting the metal on the glass, the perspective which is reminiscent of nature, the coloring of the seasons. And the strings which added magnificence and colors.
The atmosphere of the whole work changes with each song.
I hope you will feel the moving atmosphere too.

Finally, regarding the lyrics, considering the state of mind of Ichiko, I intentionally tried to put the weakness, the conflict and a small amount of courage.
While sensing the subtle changes of her state of mind, I tried to choose words with broad meanings.
And I put a firm resolution of “keep going” in all the songs.

The story of beautiful life, please watch it, feeling the atmosphere of the songs as well !



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