YUI DIARY (2010.03.11) – Rehearsal!



Translated by MrSean

How is everyone doing?

The weather keeps getting cold and then warm, doesn’t it?
You have to be careful not to catch a cold and such.

And, as far as the title goes,
yesterday we have an enjoyable rehearsal!

As expected, running through stuff with a rhythm section
is very important, whas what I was thinking as we were having fun~

And! My new guitar-kun?san? collection has increased!
I was really happy about it, and was also showing it off to everyone. (laugh)

In regards to the messages sent by everyone,
with graduations and test results and so on,
and with it becoming spring, and a good feeling
continuing to build, let’s keep going in high spirits!

dewa dewa, mata mata.


P.S. a picture of all the band members.

YUI DIARY (2010.03.11)-band-mates

Drums: MaiMai
Guitar: Kuro-chan
Keys: Arisa-chan

and Bass: Backy-san

YUI DIARY -2010.03.11-backy

Regarding the picture, there are a few who are not in it, Yahagicchi and Youko-san (first time introduction) also were there.
Also, the other usual members, Hisashi-san, Shiba-chan, Isshi (not Icchi?). Shougo-kun and Shoutarou-kun!

Around the end of rehearsal, a lot of people were there, and now, while writing, I thought about that.
Today, there was a lot of “Wai Wai!” going on, it was a lot of fun!
Ah, Icchi? was busy and couldn’t come, it seems.
How lonely~ (laugh)

I think this PS is long…


Extra photos courtesty of Fujisawa ARISA-chan, Imamura “Mai Mai”-san, and Backy-san


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