YUI Diary (2010.05.28) – Moodo moodo!


Moodo moodo!

Translated by the Shaker

Good evening.

It’s YUI

Minna-san, are you spending your time in good shape?

Today we went for a recording!

The i-pad is beign sold everywhere right?
We talked about that in the studio~
I felt interested~!

Oh right, Today I was carrying the Shaker and
since we had time, I played with it!


In front of the studio.

On Assistant-san’s desk

Assistant-san’s desk’s “up”
(It looks like a sofa isn’t it? It will surely not gonna work!)

In a place like this too.
(The speakers and between them!?)

I did a zoom.


Dewa dewa, let’s have fun tomorrow as well!




During the recording, Icchi, Shiba-chan, Isshi and Hisashi-san where present too.
It was very wai wai! (animated)

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