YUI Diary (2010.05.31) – Good Evening


Good Evening.

Translated by yupeh

YUI here.

????????????????? ??!
ROCKIN’ON JAPAN has been released!
To all your many written (comments), thank you very much!

To attract various things, I want to work hard again!

10???????? ??????????????
ROCKIN’ Photoshoot was done with the help of Cameraman Shintsubo-san,
and have helped a lot since about 10 years,
the photoshoot’s tempo and ambience has a gentle feeling, (I) really like cameraman-san.

? ???????????????????????
??????????????????? ????????????????
Then, the interview (was done) with the help of Komatsu-san too.
who has helped me since my debut days,
For this interview, I was able (had the privileged) to truthfully, politely and carefully speak.
There are lots of nice ROCKIN’ for you guys, thank you very much!!

???????? ??!
So with that, mata mata!



? ??

A few day/s ago, as supplied in the studio, it was my first time to buy a takoyaki.
Truth is, it was my first time to eat.

????????????????????????~?????????????? ????
Everyone said ?The supplied takoyaki is new~?!
Like a food cart, ?I want to eat Yakisoba and Kushiyaki~?, summer became really fun.

? ?????????!
With that, dewa dewa!

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