yui diary (2015.07.29) – Ohayou no Kiss wo commentary



(Translation by Tecchan)

It’s hot everyday. How’s your condition everyone?

As there’s still a long way to catch up, I hope I can update little by little.

And though I didn’t mention last time, the MV collection of YUI “FIND ME YUI Visual Best” is now on sale!

It’s surprising that there are a lot of songs in it.

I hope you will enjoy this one as well.

And, the commentary on the FF song!

Talking about “Ohayou no Kiss wo”, this song is in fact the song that I made when I was in Fukuoka.

It’s really a song of the earliest time when I started making songs. The melody did not appear so charming, and I was embarrassed when I put Japanese lyrics, the image of the song was changed, so, I just decided to keep it for no apparent reason.

Because I hadn’t expected that this baby would really put on the Japanese lyrics properly and would be dressed up, I was so happy.

And when I began to sing the songs that I had made in the studio, the members often spontaneously joined and arranged it naturally.

But, although it’s the song like that, there may have been actually many parts where we cared much about.

In terms of rhythm, all the members may not seem to be cooperating together and they may sound discrete. But, the song has a feeling as a mass in a way and has a feeling of unity. That’s what I like.

The recording was done in Tokyo, and it was one-take recording, wasn’t it ?

Because I was in charge of the main rhythm, it was difficult to concentrate on the song while keeping rhythm desperately.

As sacchan cooperated freely, I remember I handed kalimba, shaker and so on to him.

I liked mafumafu’s play of cello very much, and I also liked that the sound of cello is androgynous. So I wanted it to have the presence like a duet in a way and told him to play like that, lol.

Where the sound was a bit sharp due to the high emotion, we sometimes left the part as it was, because if we corrected the part, the emotional elements would be diminished.

I had an image that bass players are balanced, but I sometimes thought mafumafu is unexpectedly good at emitting a violent passion or hysterical emotion unique to women.

mura?jun looked like free but he synchronized in some parts, though the parts were always depended on him.

When the parts were as expected, it was so sweet.

I wanted this song to be straightforward. I wonder if it has such an atmosphere.

When I was singing with a loud voice in order to set the volume and to exercise voicing before recording, sacchan kindly asked me “Are you going to sing that loud?”

I was happy that he had a mind to think about strength and the way of arranging, taking the tensions of everyone into account.

Regarding the lyrics, I was writing as if I was writing a poem.

The words are those which seem to come inside, yet don’t do so, but remind us of an image.

I wanted to stress most the word ‘meaning’ which appears in other songs as well.

Like a beautiful flower was just in bloom at the side of a street, blue sky was beautiful, or someone was giving a seat in a train, those which we don’t talk in words and may not have meanings may really have the meanings.

In a sense, I gave up thinking of meaning lol.

I was thinking that it would be wonderful if such things could be expressed.

In addition, the contradictory phrase “I hate and hate the world, give me the good morning kiss” has a sense of ‘hate and love at the same time’ and may have been unexpectedly important words.

It’s a song that is life-sized, relaxed and natural like breathing.

Various sounds being mixed, I hope you would listen to it as a gathering of sounds rather than music and it would be healing.

I don’t know why but my voice seems to make listeners to focus on, so I was hoping, in the past, to make a song which would rather sound comfortable and not irritating.

Surf music and bossa nova would be wonderful.

Bye for now, I’d like to update again.