YUI Diary (2010.07.01) — Music Lovers


Music Lovers
Translated by waratte

Are you doing well?

It’s YUI.

???Music Lovers????????????!
The other day, we went to the recording of Music Lovers!

Music Lovers

Everyone who rushed to see it, thank you very much!!

The musical performance enjoyably felt like a LIVE!

??????????????????????????? Dr.??????????????!
The members were Mai-mai on drums, Backy-san on bass, Arisa-chan on keyboard, Kuro-chan on Guitar, and MANIPULATOR Youko-san.
Also, Saji-san participated by helping with drums during some of the recordings!

In the assembly hall, Engineer Yahagicchi came to visit too~!

Roady Teppei-san & Yamaguchi-san, Icchii, Isshii, Shiba-chan, Hisashi-san, Stylist Datecchi, Hair and Make-up Artist Youji-san, buddy, ?B-san, ???… that’s a lot of people, isn’t it!

Certainly, everyone please check it out!

So after a few full days of rehearsal, the news coverage video comment was recorded for TV.

Also, the soccer game from the other day was captivating!
It was very fantastic game, wasn’t it. I was very excited!
The Penalty Kick was so suspenseful that I completely closed my eyes.

Everyone watched it too right?




Today, pictures got developed~.

That time when a new song is taking shape sure is an excitedly enjoyable thing!

????Honey Bee Studio???
Each time at Honey Bee Studio.


Today, pasta.

Today pasta.

This time it was a bit too spicy for my taste.


?????????????AIR-G’ YUI GALLERY in PASEO???????????!
Also, AIR-G’ YUI GALERY in PASEO exhibition in Sapporo City started yesterday!

There are various things on display. (Guitars, goods, etc.)
Certainly, if you’re in the area, please do go take a peek!

Everyone who helped in Hokkaido, namara arigatou gozaimasu!

By the way, there are 16 days left until the exhibition ends.

dewa dewa, lets spend tomorrow like happy-chan?

Tabasco forum! CALIENTE!!!