YUI Diary (2010.07.23) — ??????????? Hokkaido is big!


Hokkaido is big!

Translated by waratte

Good evening. It’s YUI.

Is everything going well?

Recently, I flew in an airplane from Hokkaido to Fukuoka!

During the flight, I finished reading Isaka Koutarou’s “Fish Story.”

We had gone to Hokkaido for the campaign,
and this time many people offered their support!

I had the privilege of performing on stage for a public recording of HISASHI-san’s program Sata?yan.

It was a fun time!

Tomoya-san and everyone who helped out, thank you very much ! !

Also, this morning, after having arrived in Fukuoka from Hokkaido, we had the rehearsal for HIGHER GROUND!

Take care to keep in shape, and enjoy yourself!

Tomorrow, while busy with work and chores, let’s continue to do our best!

Dewa dewa, Tomorrow like Happy?





Sata?yan public recording.

Leading the meeting was Atsumi Yui-san.

Director Katahira, Tomoya-san, and HISASHI-san.

And, HIGHER GROUND Assembly Hall atmosphere.

Enjoy ! !

Dewa dewa !