YUI Diary (2010.07.28) — HIGHER GROUND 2010??


Translated by KIKONDO

We just went!!

It was a Live with a very nice weather and within a nice scenery!!
I was able to do many funny things!
Thank you very much to those who came to show your support and those who sent messages!!
I believe that band members and everyone in the staff had fun too!

Before the Live, I had my first shaved ice of the year, ate vegetables, kushiyaki and yakisoba. Having a great satisfaction I still managed to play at the concert (laughs)

This year’s fes. cotumes where designed by Datechi just like last year’s!

And ther super hairdresser Youji-san arranged my hair!

?????????T????Candy Stripper????????????????????
And then, summer fes. t-shirt, Candy Stripper is a desing of Yoshie-san!
A very cute T-shirt! Everybody, please chek it out ne?

There are still two more summer fes. left!
I want to have a good time!

Everyone, let’s spend the time happy ?

Dewadewa adeu.


HIGHER GROUND???????????????????????????????
Since the day before HIGHER GROUND was Icchi’s birthday, we made a celebration!

????HIGHER GROUND?????????????????
And after HIGHER GROUND it was Fukuoka Campaing!!
I met people after a long time, and had a good time
Nonaka-san thank you very much for your assistance!
I’ll be counting on you next time ?

Also, pictures.
The ambience of HIGHER GROUND venue

??????Ba ?????Dr ?????Key ???????Gt ????????? ??????
Members were, Ba Babky, Dr Maimai, key Arisa-chan, Gt Kurochan, Manipi (?) Youko-san
A pictures of the members without exception

Sanpei-san (PA), Kondo-san (Rowdy), Shida-san (Transport), Sayashii, Kyodo West: Kagawa-san, everybody in the helpful staff, thank you very much!

With the band members. (Youko-chan you didnt came for the picture!)

Forum times are happy ?