YUI Diary (2011.08.08) — ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 2011!!


Translated by waratte

Good evening, everyone.

It’s YUI.

Are you well?

???????2??ROCK IN JAPAN FES??????????
I went to Summer Fest. #2 ROCK IN JAPAN FEST ! !

Since this year’s ROCKIN’ was my 7th time performing here, and knowing the venue atmosphere and stage well, even despite the troubles with the festival !, I was able to focus all my energy on the live?

This time, so I won’t play too much before the show, I’m pacing myself! <laugh>
Really, there was soccer, squirt guns…and frisbee!

Also, I’m glad so many people came to the live!
I am deeply thankful ! !

Nowadays, I really feel like meeting (people) is a truly important thing to experience.
Meeting is a miracle, isn’t it!
I’m really glad I was able to share this time with everyone at the venue?
Thank you very much!!

And, everyone who cheered and sent messages of encouragement, really thank you ! !
I look forward to meeting everyone again?
The scary stories of hectic ROCKIN’ transportation…they’re really scary stories~..lol

Leaving~ ROCKIN’ ! !
Teramocchan was at the wheel for almost 10 hours 10 minutes!

Truly thank you!!

Kuro-chan! Nice expression!!

After a long time Ice cream with a face drawn ~

While Youji-san and Datecchi were relaxing~
Kurochan took a picture at just the exact moment.

ROCKIN’ was fun~??
Thank you all very much for letting me perform for you!!

As I thought, pulling over at the rest stop is exciting~?
dewadewa, Adieu-ROCKIN’ !



Before going to ROCKIN’, we gave the new song to Chinone-san from Sony for mastering?

From the left, Chinone-san, Hisashi-san, Me, Teramocchan, Isshi.
It was a great feeling, thank you very much!!

When we get back from ROCKIN’, I’ll be back to recording?

Hisashi-san and Engineer Kikuchi-san talking about windshield wipers.

Thank you very much!!

dewadewa, let’s be Happy-chan ?
Looking forward to Summer Sonic in Osaka next?

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