YUI Diary (2010.11.12) — Sweden!!



Translated by NorthernLight[Zzz]

Konbawa, YUI desu.

Everyone, are you doing fine?

I went to Sweden!!

Even though it also a cold country like Japan, the atmosphere there was warm and gentle?

?????????“??????”?Play You.???????????????????????
I went to Sweden for the “Walkman”?Play You.?project that I participated

Stockholm and Gotland’s atmosphere looked like a set from Kiki’s Delivery Service

I felt that the street’s colour and shape was cute.

And by the way, the staff that helped me with the shoots, thanks!
Please look forward to how it would turn out!

Dewa dewa, let’s work hard and not lose to the coldness(a.k.a. please take care of yourself)



P.S. Photo

Sweden’s atmosphere.

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