YUI Diary (2010.11.16) — Hello!



Translated by waratte

Good evening.

It’s YUI.

The atmosphere is steadily getting colder isn’t it!

Do try not to catch a cold!

Recently I have been doing pre-production & recording and clothes fitting.

Pre-production and recording are advancing pleasantly!

????????????Live in the Dark??????????????????
Right now the Walkman ?Live in the Dark? song is nearing completion?

I’ll be glad when everyone can listen to it real soon!

Clothes fitting is going well too!

Always helpful Datecchi has collected a lot of clothes!
All the cute clothes this time too have made me happy?

As the photoshoot is approaching too, I want to happily do my best!

Everyone, let’s do our best to take care of ourselves
without letting our enthusiasm be defeated!

Dewa dewa, every day be Happy?



During pre-production & recording
always helpful Odakura Yuu-san brought ice (cream) for us!
Thank you very much.

Ice (cream)

It was really delicious?
Apparently Odakura Yuu-san is mentioned in the December issue of Guitar Magazine!

Also, fitting clothes! There are so many? Thanks Datecchi!


Dewa dewa!

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