YUI Diary (2010.11.25) –?Rain?Release!!


?Rain? Release!!

Translated by Kicchan

Good evening

It’s YUI


Minasan, are you all doing fine?

Since yesterday it was Rain’s release day, I wen to CD shop stores as usual!

Let’s go to the same store where Tour members went! (short version xD )
So I went to the new TOWER RECORDS store.

I was happy that, when I arrived, I saw that members already had their comments decorating the POP display!

Thank you a lot to everyone in the band!!

And thank you very much to everybody for your comments in the message board!

I’m very happy for comments like “I checked the CD!” and “I listened to it!”

As for rain “The rain will end up falling on an anticipated season” this song is about such painful subject

I think that It often happens that you don’t have an umbrella when it starts raining.
But I can’t take shelter from rain, rather than that, I must accept it and go foward is what I think also.

???????????????????????????????????????????????Silent Night??????????????????
Also, when I was a child I anticipated christmas time.
When I became adult, that anticipation might have changed, but somethig specially magical is there,so even now I look forward to that Silent Night.

?Rain??Music Video????????????????????????
Music Video??????????????
At the Rain MV. We recorded while being soaking wet!
MaiMai(Dr), ARISA(Key), You-chan(Gt) and NOHANA-chan(Ba) from Stereopony participated. Thank you all!

I’m self confident about this song, so i’ll be happy if you check it out!

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!

Dewadewa AdieuRain



The usual walk around CD shops.

Comments from band members

This time we intruded into a new store!

The new TOWER RECORDS store (where band members went to help after the “general election”) and HMV LUMINE ESU (?) Thank you very much!!

We always release new songs safely (not sure), but this time we’re doing an orchesta recording!
(It’s a sound recording for the new song)

Studio’s atmosphere

The new song is turning out with a good feeling!
I hope your are looking forward to it as well!

Dewa dewa, minasan, let’s be Happy everyday ?

P.S’s P.S

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