YUI Diary (2011.02.07) — Good Evening.


Good evening.

Translated by azmikun

Everyone, are you all doing well?

I’m YUI.

COUNT DOWN TV?????????????????????
Thank you for your impression messages about COUNT DOWN TV!
It was so fun to have the performance with everyone?
If I am able to perform with Oreskaband again, that would be good!

?????? ????????(????)? ????????????(???)??
And, I talked about Kibidango in the previous (diary),
(Please gimme 1 kibidango please(????)? and please make me your friend(???)?)
I found that kind of message!
Somehow it makes me so happy!
Thank you for “touched” me! LOL

When I was eating kibidango, because there was something transparent like oblaat,
so I’m YUI who ate the kibidango after teared it off.

…when there are people around you, unintentionally you will think “let’s do something interesting” but ended up doing something stupid!
It looks like oblaat, but because you all know that I know how to eat (kibidango) now, so please be relieved, ok! LOL

well then, I hope you all also have happy days?

Adango!?! (adieu + kibidango)



something that made moved me deeply these days.
My senior a female singer, since last year fell ill, after medical treatment without problems she cured.
And then she married and has a child now.
In a live house which I always received a favor, I went to her live before she took maternity leave.
even though her belly was so big because of 8 months pregnant, but she produced a soft sound, that was a special deep emotion sound.

I think you all also have difficult and fun times,
but I think time that we are passing now is a miracle.
I think is good if we support each other.
There’s meeting with someone close to us, there’s a very important person to us, I feel that looking to that person’s happiness is the best happiness that I have.

Maki-san’s Live photo.
Maki-san’s Live

well then!

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