YUI Diary (2011.04.03) — Good Evening.


Good Evening.

Translated by azmikun

Everyone, how are you?

I’m YUI.

At noon it’s warm but at night it’s cold, isn’t it!

In this variate temperature, it’s so easy to pull down our body condition, so let’s be careful Ok.

Oh, yes,,,recently when I was walking around, Sakura was bloomed!


When I looked up, it became an enjoyable feeling because a lot of sakura was bloomed.

and then, during that day, there was photographing for CD Jacket.

Because it became a spring and bright atmosphere, when the CD Jacket is done, I will show it to you all!

well then, as always, let’s move forward?




When I was fitting clothes for Jacket photo, Icchi told me a lovely phrase.

[person who has wisdom, should take out his wisdom. person who has money, should take out his money. person who has nothing, should cheer out]
He said that this phrase is Matsuyama Chiharu’s phrase.

I’ve a lot of way of thinking, but I think the most important thing is even though we are feeling down or feeling sad is to cheer up.

I hope all of you will pass time with spirit and a gentle feeling in your heart.

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