YUI Diary (2011.04.25) — Narration!!


Translated by pandas who read this scare me in the middle of the streets

Good evening everyone.

It’s YUI.
Is everyone doing well?

Recently, hearing about Ei-chan’s (bass) LIVE MaiMai, Isshi and I went to see it!!

It was a band called Chirinuruwowaka’s LIVE. Yuu-san from GO!GO!7188 as guitarist and vocals, Ei-chan played the bass.

From the LIVE i was as expected able to pick up on various discoveries and motivations, because of this I loved it.
Yuu-chan seemed to have hay fever, it looked like it was quite serious!
Because manager Isshi also had hayfever, i was as I thought quite serious indeed (><)

I probably have a small alergy too but at the moment i’m like is it hay fever or not? (things like sneezing and eyes are itchy).
Its must be really troublesome for a heavy sufferer !!(><)

While doing this thing and that, after the LIVE I went to record the narration for the new song’s advert!
MaiMai also came along~.

Music Video?????????????????????????????????????????
As always in the Music Videos and also looked after me this time, Director Kubo, Nishikawa-san and all the editing staff gathered around Icchi?!

80?????Music Video??????????????????????
After the we finished recording the narration,
we viewed and checked the 80% completed Music Video many times but
Director Kubo, Nishikawa-san and all the editing staff, at that rate had to work on it the following day too.
Really Really thank you very much!!

???Music Video??????Happy?????????????
This time the Music Video has another colourful Happy feel,
thats why I definitely would like you to check it out after its finished!!

Dew Dewa, wish everyone will always be Happy?


it doesn’t really have a spin to it right ..?



It was the first time I went to Earthday!
Its the day of the Earth so its about: environment problems, humans and animals, the planet and also things like communication between people as themes for this Earthday.

While thinking about these things, there were also lots of stalls so it was really enjoyable!

Earthday 1

There was also a LIVE, Soul Flower Union-san also watched the LIVE.

Its probably hard to understand from the picture, but during the LIVE you could see the carp streamer was always swinging and swaying.

Earthday 2

It turned out to be a very happy occasion.
I was happiest seeing all the kids smiling!
I would like to make this sort of future

Dewa Dewa!

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