Staff Diary (2011.01.18) (1) — The Usual Practice’s


The usual practice’s

Translated by Kiki-san

Hello everybody!

?It’s My Life / Your Heaven?
?It’s My Life / Your Heaven? samples have arrived

I can’t wait for its release in about one week!

Thank you for your comments regarding Chaku uta and the commercial

Also, she has the opportunity to perform this week’s Friday

We had a business meeting for MUSIC STATION

The next-to-each-other angle for the already established practice.

This time too we had an harmonious conversation
with the well known Yamamo-san from MSta blog.

Thank you very much

?It’s My Life????????????
It will be the first presentation of It’s My Life,
so please look forward to it?

We’ll be waiting for your real-time messages as well!!

Come share your comments in the forum!