YUI Diary (2011.05.04) — ORESKABAND concert and Icecream


Good Evening

Good evening everyone.

YUI desu.

Everyone, are you enjoying Golden Week?

I am enjoying it very much?

I went to YOUJI-san’s beauty parlor,
and got my hair cut and colored.

?It’s My Life??Music Video??????????????????????????????????????
I also went to see a concert of Oreskaband who appeared in “It’s My Life” Music Video

All females!

Music Video???????????????????????
All band members of ORESKABAND, STEREOPONY’s NOHANA-chan and SHIHO-chan, RISA and RIE who performed in the Music Video, MAIMAI and ARISA!

I got many new insights at the Live.
The stage was bustling with activity and seemed very fun?

Golden Week is still continuing eh!?

Whether you are working or not, everyone, let’s proceed in an enjoyable mood~ (^^)

Everyday always with Happy ne?

Well then, Adieuskaband?

…I’m gonna get scolded eh?
Sorry about that (><)



The event coverage day before Golden Week,
I was hungry in the middle of things, so I ate an ice-cream during an interval~

As I only had about 3 minutes of time, I hurriedly ate it,
I don’t think I’ve ever eaten an ice-cream that quickly before, but nevertheless it was a new discovery!

This is a very long-drawn(or forced?) P.S. isn’t it~ lol

Have a great Golden Week?


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