YUI Diary (2011.05.11) — Mothers Day!!


Mother’s Day!!

Translated by waratte and kiki

Bonjour, everyone!

It’s YUI.

Are you doing well?

Let’s take care of ourselves in this changing weather!

Recently, e.u.band held a rehearsal again after a long time!

While laid-back, the atmosphere was enjoyable as always?

And, during rehearsal, after a long time, Kaji-san participated!

Powering up the effectors and “Talk” (lol) he looked energetic.

Kaji-san is going to participate in the upcoming Hong Kong LIVE!

?????????? 5/8???????????

And and, this past week, on 5/8,
did you do anything for Mother’s Day? 

My mom and I went shopping and ate together?

Anyways, I wish you can spend Happy days with our dad, mom and all the family?

Dewa dewa, adieu.



While taking a walk, I came across “Suica Locker.”

I was thinking you could put a cheap watermelon inside, but I don’t think you can (lol)
Well maybe. 

Suica Lockers are useful aren’t they?

If you think about it, incidentally,
in Tokyo there is Suica and PASMO,
Osaka has ICOCA
and in Fukuoka there is SUGOCA and many others.

Surely, here are lot of yet unknown and fun cards names!

Dewa dewa! lol

It looks like Isshii and Hisashi-san bought the iPad 2!
They were delighted!!

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