YUI Diary (2011.07.25) — JOIN ALIVE!



It’s YUI.

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Yesterday I went to “JOIN ALIVE” summer festival in Hokkaido!!

I was wondering if it would be cold, but there was good weather right?

Will everyone in the venue be safe of getting a heatstroke? While worrying about it, the concert began!

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This year’s JOIN ALIVE is the second time they hold this event, so you could feel it’s freshness.
I had fun feeling the nature!

I’m planning to slowly upload a mixture of pictures in the future!

For now, To everyone who rushed to the venue! everyone who yelled for me! and everyoner who wrote in the message board!

Really, thank you very much!!

Everybody who went to the venue, I’m sure you lost a lot of energy after walking under the strong rays of the sun for such a long time, so please take your time to rest, okay?

Let’s go in with energy!!

JOIN ALIVE???????????????????????
Thank you very much JOIN ALIVE, for letting me perform there!!
It was fun~?



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