YUI Diary (2011.08.12) — Good Evening


Good evening

Translated by MrSean

Good evening everyone.
It’s YUI.

Are you all well?

It’s really been hot recently, hasn’t it?
Let’s be careful with things like heatstroke and such.
We got hooked on this drink that we were informed was very good?

(salt and lychee?)

For heatstroke and dehydration, fluids and sodium are good, you know.

During these last few days, we have been recording and stuff?
It’s a peaceful and relaxed feeling.

STAFF DIARY?????????????????????????
In the STAFF DIARY, Teramochhan gave me some Anpanman leftovers!
I was happy?

And, I was also happy to see all the messages about that!
Thank you very much!!

Dewa dewa going forward, let’s be careful of heatstroke?heat fatigue?dehydration!



I came across an interesting cup?

(Michael Jackson meets Chihuahua…)

dewa dewa, Be Happy, ne?

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