YUI Diary (2011.08.21) — SUMMER SONIC 2011 OSAKA!



Translated by JunLovesYUI

Hello, Everyone.

It’s YUI.

How are you?

It’s been while but on the day 14, we went to Summer sonic in Osaka!

I watched the summer sonic in Tokyo but
the summer sonic in the Osaka has diffrent atmosphere
I was able to refresh and enjoyed it?

departure from Tokyo

Arisa joined ~
Happily eating an icecream.

the floor of the dressing room at the summer sonic was tatami.

Hair artist youji san in standby

Before the live, during the meal, Chris suddenly said [Akanwa~] (oh no in osaka way of talking) a kansai dialect and we are surpriced but it was good.
Nice smile!

Beautiful Sky

tired of walking on the way and is sitting cross-legged after all

The Strokes?????????????????
when the stroke was over, the place got dark.

The live was so fun and it ended so fast,
to the everyone who watched, thank you very much!
Thank you very much for the wonderful time.

and to the people who supported me and sent messages,
thank you very much!!

and thank you for letting me have a live on the Osaka summer sonic!!

I got a takoyaki on the way home!!

It was so delicious?
Thank you Osaka!!

dewa dewa, adieusonic.



Recently, we are on recording again.

Honey bee???????????????????????????
in the honey bee, same Shyotaro came to become our engineer!

In the stadio, there were cakes and cadies. I asked It was from Director Katahira who was with Hisashi san in radio program in hokkaido.

I took advantage and ate one!
The unusual black sander manjiuu.

It was delicious Director Kitahira, Thank you very much!!

Have a good day?

dewa dewa

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