YUI’s 20th Single “Green a.live” October 5th release!


New single entitled “Green a.live” includes the theme “To live within nature”.
To be released on October 5. Chakuuta on Sept. 14.

YUI has completed her new song. The title is Green a.live. A song that has a strong message, “To live within nature”.
This song is the first written by YUI after 3.11. (HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~ was written before Tohoku Earthquake).

YUI’s reason,
The new song’s title ?Green a.live? includes the meaning “To live within nature”. Sometimes I wonder if I might have forgot something important while living inside the city. While making this song, ?Green a.live? I began to think about destiny.

She said.

Similarly, Inside the lyrics of the song, current YUI’s feelings are included, it will strongly shake the heart of the listener.
YUI herself, went to visit the stricken area of Minamisanriku-cho and Kesennuma on 7/7 and she visited a local elementary school, a junior high school, and senior high school, then held acoustic lives

In addition, She performed charity activity by having live performance of her own. She want you to feel her real thoughts from her new song.
YUI has sublimed her current feelings on this work. As one song of this year, it became an musical work that will be appreciated among fans.

(Sony Music Records Director in charge of YUI, Ichihara Makoto)

Certainly, I hope you check out the new song.

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2011.10.5 Release
20th Single
?Green a.live?

Limited Edition

Regular Edition

M1?Green a.live Listen the preview at Sony Music!
M2?Let’s face it
M3?HELLO ?YUI Acoustic Version?
M4?Green a.live ?Instrumental?

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