YUI Diary (2011.11.14) — Oomiya!!



Hello, everyone.

It’s YUI.

Are you in good health?

Today I went to play CRUSING concert at Oomiya Sonic City!

Oomiya Sonic City.

thanks to the warm of everyone who boarded I managed to make a concert feeling very relaxed ?

Very early before the concert, people were linning up outside the ship. Didn’t you catch a cold?

Health is the most important!

Take are of catching a cold. Please take a good rest!

To everyone in the second storey, I was looking at you!
After the rehearsal, by the time of the sound check
I went to the second storey to warm up.
After that, when I looked to the second storey from the stage, I misteriously felt it was closer.

There was the ship’s capitain, and many other things happened right? ?

Having a concert on the ship with together everybody was fun!

Also, I look forward to have many encounters from now on ?

Have a good day today too (^^)



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