murajun’s comment about “Kuuki”



The story of Kuuki (Air)

Translated by Leo and Jeff

It’s mura?jun

It’s Valentine’s day? hey, it is (°?°)

It makes a young man’s heart pound doesn’t it.
We love sweet things.

As Valentine’s is in the air, I want to write about air.
It is not in any way meant to capitalize on yui.
It doesn’t mean that I have forgotten.

As I wrote in the comments for kamisama,
I’ve long admired guitarists, finally, from feeling that I didn’t want to lose, I put out the sound of a guitar with the keyboard. lol

In the recording, I borrowed yui’s guitar effect called RAT, then put the keyboard through a guitar amp.
The right-hand side speaker makes that sound from the keyboard (the right-hand side if I remember correctly).

Other than that, I sampled yui’s guitar and sprinkled that in various places.

When we listened to it again though, everyone laughed.
This is a strange band isn’t it, in a good sense (°?°)

Speaking of which in the world, ‘Little Forest Winter/Spring’ was released.

Please continue to enjoy listening to ‘Mi’, Please look forward to ‘Shiki’!!