YUI Diary (2011.12.06) — Kanagawa!! Fukui!! Osaka!!


????????????? (2011/12/06)
Kanagawa!! Fukui !! Osaka!!

Translated by Hatsumichan

Good evening everyone.

It’s YUI.

It seems like there are a lot of people who have caught a cold..

Are you okay?

I’m going around touring with a heating pads stuck on my back and my stomach like a sandwich.

I am ridiculously weak against the cold.

I like kotatsu. (a table with a large blanket over it and an electric heating device attached under it)

And in that cold, I went to Kanagawa, Fukui, and Osaka!

Because I had gone to Kanagawa Prefectural Hall for previous tours as well as for the filming of “Taiyou no Uta,” I was able to be very relaxed.

I had Chinese food for lunch, and I was able to relax, and the audience “cruising” with me also had a very warm atmosphere, so it was fun.

In Kanagawa, I am very grateful to FM Yokoyama’s Hozumi Yutaka.

His crazy action to Chris, saying “Open up Japan to the world please~” left quite an impression.

In Fukui Prefecture, before the live, I tried eating Echizen Soba.

This venue also has the audience seated close to the stage so I felt a sense of unity there as well.

In Fukui, I am very grateful to the announcer, Fujita Kayo-san.

I had a feeling that there was a lot of delicious food there, and while thinking that I would like to spend my time here a little more slowly, I finished my first live in Fukui and was happy that I got to have a lot of wonderful encounters.

In the middle of the live, a sound that sounded like construction was heard, and it seemed like there was some trouble, but we were able to enjoyably finish the live without harm.

And then, since this tour was on a staff member that I am indebted to, Watarucchi’s, birthday, the crazy action of calling him out onto the stage left quite an impression.

I wanted to eat Sanma noodles~. (Kanagawa Prefecture’s specialty ramen)


In Osaka, as always, the retorts (tsukkomi) there had a very fun feeling! (“tsukkomi” is basically to correct someone who made a mistake in a funny way (usually in Japanese comedic pairs – which Osaka is famous for), such as “I’m gonna try very hard to wake up at 5am today to go to the bakery.” “The bakery’s not even open at 5am!”<-- tsukkomi - I don't know a better way to explain it... I hope you get it ^^;; ) ?????????????????? Thank you for talking to me a lot! ????????????????????????????????? When you think Osaka, you think takoyaki (octopus fried in dough balls)! So then I had some for lunch. ?????FM802????????????????????? In Osaka, I am very grateful to FM802's Nishida Shin-san. ????????????????????????????????????????? There are a lot of delicious things in Osaka besides takoyaki and okonomiyaki (Japanese-style pancake with cabbage, meat/seafood, egg, etc) so I was very curious. ??????????????? The "battlegrounds" of ramen make you curious right! ???????????????? Thank you for wonderful encounters and a wonderful time. ?????? Thanks a lot!! (probably a pun on Osaka ????????) ????????????????????????????????????? To those who rushed to the venue for me, and to those who rooted for me, I truly thank you very much!! ????????????????????????????? I want to continue on while holding each encounter that I have with great care. ????????? Today is Shizuoka Prefecture!! ?????????????? I would like to have a good time? ??????? Please support me ne~? ?????????? Well then, well then, adieu~. YUI P.S. ?????? Kanagawa Prefecture!! ???? Fukui!! ???? Osaka!! ??????? Thank you!! Come join us in the forum ~