YUI Diary (2012.01.31) — Really, thank you very much!!!!!


Really, thank you very much!!!!!

Translated by Hatsumichan

Good evening.

It’s YUI.

Everyone, are you living as Happy-chans?

For me, since the tour has now ended, my tears are falling in large drops..

During the tour, it was so much fun that time passed in the blink of an eye?

Thanks to the cooperation of so many people, all the staff members, all those involved with the concert, all those who rushed to the live for me, and all those who cheered for me, I was able to have a fun time going around on this tour.

Really, thank you very much!!

I’m looking forward to being able to meet you all again soon?

Okinawa Live!!

Okinawa, where it was my first time having a live there!!

While wondering what the atmosphere would be like, I excitedly headed toward the stage.

At first I had a shy image of the people in Okinawa, but there was a friendly and warm atmosphere in which I was able to relax and sing in?

They called out to me a lot, and even said some crazy things. lol

I was also able to learn a lot about Okinawa’s dialect, food, sightseeing areas etc..

In Okinawa, I was indebted to Fukuda Moeko!

She taught me a lot of things about Okinawa in much detail?

I would like to know much much more(^^)

In Okinawa, there’s a saying that goes “Ichari bachou de” which means “If you’ve met once, then you’re already brothers”!

From now on, by all means, let’s be happy/excited and get along together!

Everyone in Okinawa, thank you very much!!

Let’s meet again?

After the tour, I went sightseeing in Okinawa!

I’m hoping that I can introduce my sightseeing pictures a little at a time later on?

??????????????????????(>_<) Right now, it seems like influenza is going around (>_<) ?????????????? If you catch it, it's really very burdensome.. ?????????????????????? Let's all be careful and make sure to gargle and wash our hands!! ??????????????????? Well then, well then, as for now, the tour has ended safely!! 5th????????????????? 5th Tour, thank you adieu!!!!! YUI P.S. ??????????????????????… In Okinawa, there are days where it seems like the weather has already jumped ahead into summer... ??????????????? It's a place that really suits hibiscuses huh?

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