YUI Diary (2012.02.05) — Hello~!



Translated by pwrtsm


Its YUI.
How is everyone?




I got 1st place in the person you want to receive chocolates from ranking! Which was in a report!
I was surprised!
I’m so happy?
Everyone, do you make yours?

Recently, while the tour was slowly ending, I was passing my days writing songs.


The days were quite lax.
With the input and output, I received a lot of stimuli again and wanted to make a lot of songs.



I think I will upload a few pictures from the sightseeing I did in Okinawa.
It was a little cloudy so the pictures came out a bit dim,
anyways first is the Shuri Castle.

I studied things like shades of colors and culture.

Next up, the Churaumi Aquarium!



Okinawa cuisine!


Sea grapes and Somen Chanpuru was delicious??
Soki Soba!

I was so happy at the amount of delicious foods?.


There were many wonderful things in Okinawa too it was great!
I hope everyone spend their days Happy (^^)

Dewa dewa, Churaumi Adieu


Dewa dewa~!


With the members during the tour finale!

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