YUI Diary (2012.05.24) – Good Evening!


Translated by: Hatsumichan

Good Evening!

Saranghaeyo. (“I love you” in Korean)

It’s YUI.

“I love you” is not a greeting is it….

It’s weird in Japanese huh.

Everyone, how are you doing?

Recently, it’s been getting cold and then warm; it’s a season where it’s hard to properly take care of your health huh.

It’s already the 3rd week of May, but I hope none of you have the May blues?
(“May blues” are blues that are felt by new students and workers in Japan who have just started work/school again in April.)

With all the differences in temperature I think it must be both physically and mentally tiring.

Please give yourselves a treat every once in a while!

I’m changing the topic now, but the other day, I went to Fukushima.

It was for the shooting of an NHK TV program, and I was to go see a middle school choir.

Despite the fact that it was an unexpected visit, everyone in the middle school choir club and the teachers all welcomed us nicely, which made me very happy?

It’d be really nice if you would check out the wonderful singing voices of all the members in the chorus group.

By all means!

Well then, well then, Adieudan.
(“dan” is basically a group of people and she took it from “gasshoudan” which means “choir” (aka a group of people that sing))



I went to a “Parasite Museum” for the first time the other day.

My friends said that they went so…

It was a bunch of shocking things one after another, and very stimulating!

Definitely, if you’re looking to spend your day off in a different way than you normally do?

Well then, well then!


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