YUI Diary (2012.08.06) — Hachijo Island!



Hachijo Island!

Translated by yours truly

Good afternoon.

It’s YUI.

The sun have been stricking hard nowadays, are you all okay?

Let’s rehydrate ourselves to not get a heatstroke okay!

The updates in the diary are coming late…

????ORENGE RANGE?YAMATO???????PATi PATi????????????
Lately, I had a conversation with YAMATO from ORANGE RANGE as a coverage for PATi PATi!

ORENGE RANGE??????????????????????????????????????
I have many points in common with ORANGE RANGE, These guys have supported me even before my debut.

I was worried of whether the talk would advance naturally, since we are both shy people. I think we kinda managed to?
It became an enjoyable conversation!

Thank you for chosing me for this talk!!

And then, about “Hachijo Island” mentioned in the title. I went to intrude to certain project.

Hachijo Island is at about 50 minutes by plane from Tokyo, I felt healded by comfortable atmosphere and climate ?

If you are wondering what kind of project did I go to, I think they will update the homepage, so please do look forward to it!

Speaking of which, they have renewed the website right?

“fight”‘s release have been decided so I feel nervous again!

Dewadewa, we are in the midst of summer!

Let’s give our best okay?!!

Dewadewa, AdieuIsland



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