YUI Diary (2012.09.09) — Msta!!



Translated by Pandas who read this scare me

I went there!!

Hi its YUI.

I received a lot of posts on the message board

I was really happy?

I’ve performed on it countless times, so I shouldn’t be nervous….

Huh? This is strange.

This feeling, perhaps its!?

Which is how I always feel and then become nervous.

In terms of the performers, this time there were quite a few groups

I was a bit jealous of them! haha

It was fun~?

Also, ?fight?’s release!! Because of that I intruded a lot of CD shops again!

Although I think this everytime I go, I always feel so grateful!

They even made it really cute, thanks so much.

The handmade stuff were amazing!

Dewa Dewa, see you soon!!




Recently, I’ve become interested in hippos

the reason is a secret…

Just kidding.

Look out for it!!

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