yui DIARY (2013.07.16) – The sky looks blue don’t you think?



The sky looks blue don’t you think?

Translated by Kikino and amethyst.jr91

You will get furafura (dizzy) if you dehydrate, so take care okay?. It’s cold right?

But today in the news, they said it was not good to drink too much water.
They said that the salinity in your body will drop.

I wonder it would be good to drink sport drinks in that kind of situation..?

“I know it was late to realize, but once again I thought the ZERO Festival was ‘really spacious!

Thank you sooo much to everyone who came!!

You might see me frivolous, but I was being unexpectedly very serious. I feel a bit embarrassed. Haha

I wanna throw fireworks..
I wanna do scuba diving…
I wanna do summer-ish things…

Seeing the pea sprout I’ve been raising recently at home grows up with amazing speed, I peculiarly thought that it’d be good for my body

Being healthy is the most important.
Taking aminoacids is extremely favourable, and taking suplements for things you lack is important.

??????????JOIN ALIVE????????????????????????????
It’s a bit incoherent, but since there’s an upcoming event, JOIN ALIVE, I want to put in fighting spirit at the same time as I don’t want to put it in

I will make of
“At one’s whim. Unexpectedly diligent.”
My motto to the end.

The other members might not understand, it’s something personal.

Note: ??? in Japanese Dictionary means laughter that kills the voice of mockery. 





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