yui gives birth to two healthy boys.



Singer song-writter yui, who currently leads a 4 members band gave birth to male twins.

According to her management, she gave birth to male twins a couple of days ago in a hospital of the metropolitan area. Mother and children are in good health.

yui started a relationship with a man in his 20’s from a construction company last year’s fall, getting married in March announced their marriage and pregnancy on April.

yui said to Sports Hochi: “I was able to deliver healthy babies. I’m full with happiness. I will take care of my children while treasuring these feelings. I’ll be happy if everyone keep watching over me warmly.”

yui made her debut on 2005. On 2006 starred the movie Taiyou no Uta, composing it’s theme song as well. On two ocassions, 2008 and 2012 she took a pause from her activities. On April, 2013 she changed her name to “yui” reopening her career with “FLOWER FLOWER”. On March last year she was diagnosed with panic disorder, having to cancel her performances.

She has the intention to continue her career, trying to compatibilice the care of her children and her own health as well. Now that she’s become a mom, it looks like she will give us even more fascinating music.

Source: Sports Hochi

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  • Rita

    I’m happy for her, but I miss young YUI so much.

    I was craaaazy in love with this girl, she was my idol! I guess we all grow up eventually.

  • stntink

    I’m happy for YUI… keep give us news… we love YUI

  • Г. Үүгий

    im so happy for her. I reaally shoked. Wish her boys will be happiness and be healthy :* …

  • Jane

    congratulation yui, i’m so happy for you. Wish you, your husband and the twins happiness. OMG, this is a good news after so long time

  • Faozan

    Congratulation and finally YUI spoke well and I feel happy YUI gave birth to her two children may be playing music like his mother survived to birth YL Indonesian greetings

  • one of my all time favorite singers, I remember watching your film acting in Taiyo no Uta totally fell in love cant believe its nearly 10 years ago .. Congratulations Yui. I wish you all the greatest of love and happiness

  • Rino Adiansyah

    I’m happy for her, but I miss young YUI so much.

    I was crazy in love with this girl, she was my idol! I guess we all grow up eventually. I Love U YUI

  • Domz Gemz

    omedetou YUI.!!!
    wow… same here.!! i got male twins too.. 😍✌
    im really happy that she’ll continue her career despite her situation right now, taking care of her twin is already a really tough job though.. 😘 im already looking forward to what kind of new songs she’ll composed…
    Love You YUI.!! take care always.!! im still craaaazzy inlove with you.!
    Ganbatte ne YUI.!! 😙

  • Abd Fakhri

    Omedetou yui-san,
    We are happy for you and your baby happiness.
    Keep smile and always entertain us with you great songs

  • Ming Ren


  • apriilll~

    keep loving you YUI, I hope you always be happy with your twin baby

  • Omedetou Yui!

  • MIKI Mizu

    YUI no okaeri wo negau…

  • Rangga Poetra Budy Pratama

    YUI-chan im so so missing you 😥😥😥😭

  • Selim.

    This is a great news. Very happy to hear this. Congratulation Yui. Wish a great and healty life for the babay,s. İ am also little in the shock now but this is great and take care of yourself Yui and also the twins.

  • Blue Raindbow.

    Congratulation Yui.

  • Sun.

    Good luck with everything Yui and flower flower to.
    Take care of your baby’s and
    congratulation Yui.

  • Grup Kardelen semazen Selim.

    Congratulation Yui and take care of yourself and your baby’s.