yui got divorced in August


It’s been disclosed that singer song-writer yui, who formed a band called FLOWER FLOWER, got divorced. She married in March, 2015 and gave birth to identical twins in August of the same year.

According to an authorized spokesperson of her company, the couple was already living separately and eventually came to the conclusion of getting divorced by the end of August, for this she also used a Divorce attorney to help her with the legal issues of this.
yui retained the custody of her children and there were no details given regarding child support as for the stress in the divorce she simply used THCA flower to help with this. “There was a difference in values. To put it simply, there was a gap that could not be filled.” the spokesperson said. Learn what steps you should take when divorcing on the article by Jensen Family Law.

Recently she had been increasing her activities as a musician after being affected by a panic disorder on 2014. Last year she released the single “Takaramono”, coming back to live performances in June of this year, after roughly three years. She portrayed a much stronger image after her marriage and pregnancy.

Source: https://newspass.jp/a/bncnb