YUI joins Sony’s new campaign for “Walkman Play you”


The start of a new project with Sony, “Walkman Play You” for the pursue of the “Good Sound” – YUI and other 2 musicians were appointed.

No other than Sony, “Walkman Play You” campaign, YUI, Shimizu Shota and JASMINE. Three artists have been appointed to join the new project called “Kimi no Shiranai Oto” (Your unknown sound). Is a campaing that it has started with all sort of things, like the settlement of a special website and the installation of a big “Vision Jack”
in front of Shibuya Station among other things .

?3 artists seeking “good sound” -commercial airing alongside special live event

At the same project. ?I want you to hear “The Sound” more clearly. I want you to feel every single sound that the artists have included? From those feelings The 3 messengers above mentioned were appointed. They will transmit the charm of the “Good Sound”

This time, 3 artists will respectively seek for the feeling of the “Good Sound” in various places. Therefore, From the inspiration acquired, they will make a new song(s). On December 12th, they will show the song(s) at the one-night concert “Live in the Dark”

In addition, you can apply for invitations to the live performance event on the website as well as twitter. The live will be open to the public via the special site beginning December 24th.

Also, the three artists will appear on the big screen at Shibuya Station. Each artist will be preparing their voice. Finally their voices will come to harmony on the screen.
The video appear there until December 13th, each hour from 18:00 to 24:00.

And even more, it is planned to broadcast the same commercials on TV. On November 11st, about 18pm on TBS will be broadcasted at “World Cultural and Natural Heritage” a special edition of 150 seconds. In Play You’s mobil site it will be possible to download several commercials. Playing them using three cellphones simultaneously it will be possible to make a beautiful harmony.

Source: phileweb.com

From this report we could infer that maybe YUI went to Sweden looking for the “Good Sound” ?

Also, some details about the concert translated by @vivalacontrail. Thank you very much!

Source: Play You website

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