YUI LOCKS BACK AGAIN (2010.08.09) — Translated report!


8/9???????????? Summer Edition?
8/9??Paper Plane Diary Summer Edition?

Translated by azmikun & kikino

????????HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?????????????????????
The explanation of all songs of the new album HITS entrusted to all the pupils with all their strenght was made,  so today, one explanation have been uploaded to the website!!

???? 18? ???????????????????????
????es.car ???????????
?From Fukuoka, 18 years, Male, Radio name: akasatanahamayarawa-kun

First of all. I grasped a dashing feeling with an intro playing drums and painful guitar phrase.
Also, because it becomes a little quiet in the A-melody, the pain increases.
Then in the B-mellody becoming quiet, in the chorus there is an explosion.
In the chorus, I feel a sense of speed increasing but, the painful atmosphere is floating somewhere.
Implying a climax factor for Lives, lyrics and a little painful melody linked, that is this song’s fascination in my opinion.

YUI-sensei: Thank you! I’m so happy! the feelings have been transmitted! Thank you very much!!

“Konbanwa ikiki beach!”

??? 14? ??? ??????????????????????????????
??????????????????????????!! ??????????????????
YUI-sensei: Aloha! Everybody!!
Aichi, 14 years old, Onna :P , Radio name: Miacchi-chan’s “Konbanwa ikiki beach!” I used this time.
Thank you Miacchi.chan! I thought “Ah it’s very summer-ish”!

???????????????YUI???YUI LOCKS!?????????
YUI LOCKS!??????HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN????????????????
Today also with good spirit YUI-sensei’s YUI LOCKS started!
well then, all the students!
Have you seen listener explanation of ?HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN? on YUI LOCKS! page!?

?????????HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN??????????????????????????
Read the explanation and then listen to ?HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?, maybe there is a little difference if you listen to it???
YUI-sensei is deeply moved!

????????????????????????HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN???
YUI-sensei : awesome right~ give me an explanation in such perfect, I want to say really thank you,
I felt happy, certainly please listen to ?HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN? and if you have something coming to your mind
please try to send it!

Well, let’s go with today’s class main theme! Today is…

??????????? Summer Edition?
?Kamihikouki Diary  Summer Edition?

???????????????????????????????????? Summer Edition????
The resoution of summer holiday and the result of that, everyone report it together in ?Paper Plane Diary  Summer Edition?!

The resolution content is something like ?learn how to swim while summer holiday!? or ?I invite my senior to compensation fireworks!?

Summer holiday resolution has been arrived!
In the ?Paper Plane Diary  Summer Edition? site page, because a lot of resolution diaries have been upload, let’s try too look them together.

???????????????????????????????????????????         ?????
??????????     ???????? (17?)
Resolution diary

My resolution in this summer is to become skillful at slurp white noodle!!
Originally, because I couldn’t slurp noodles, in this summer I ate a lot of white noodles and do my best so I could slurp them!
? Realization diary’s post
?Paper Plane Diary  Summer Edition? Tokyo Shouta (17 years old)

YUI???”???” ?????????????? “?” ? “?” ??????????????
??? “???????????????????????” ????????????????????????

YUI-sensei : “slurp” is write in this way! In “mouth” there are 4 “nu” slurp???
Maybe there’s time when we have no idea about the timing to take breathe when eating noodles!
Occasionally somewhat we take breathe too much air, or take to less air???no!?
so, if we serious about this somehow it became weird feeling, there also time that we can’t eat well.
Then, Shouta-kun, you have been able to slurp white noodle well now, for ?Realization Diary?!
And then if you have a point about “If we use this method you will able to slurp well” please try to send it!
it’s cute????white noodle ne~ it’s thin ne~ it’s thin noodle ne! looking forward to it!

Let’s continue???

???????????????????????????????         ?????
??????????     ??????? (15?)
Resolution diary
During summer holiday I wish To go a lot of openair swimming pool, and being able to dive from 10m, I will get juice as a treat from my friend!
becoming strong, I advanced to my friend, and to took over???go for it!!  (weird)
? Realization diary’s post
?Paper Plane Diary Summer Edition? Niigata Hinatsuki (15 years old)

YUI-sensei : Hinatsuki-chan, you are a girl, right. 15 years old ???
I think you have great bravery to dive.
I can’t imagine if you said 10m, but it must be very high!
If we look from below,  climb up to the top and the see below I think the scenery is very differrent,
do your best for the juice!


?????????????????!!         ?????
??????????     ??????? (15?)
Resolution diary
I invite someone I like to summer festival, and I will confess!
? Realization diary’s post
?Paper Plane Diary Summer Edition? Aomori ?Arashi? (15 years old)

YUI????Oh!? amazing! Let’s try to call. Hello!??


I’m YUI from ?SCHOOL OF LOCK! YUI LOCKS! ?How are you!?


YUI?I received your resolution diary, ?In summer festival I will invite someone I like to see fireworks!?
are you going to invite her!??

?Arashi??Ah, yesterday I invited her.?

YUI?oh so you did~!?What did you say to her!??

?Arashi??but, ?I don’t know whether I can go or no??she said that, maybe
?maybe I can’t go? she said that.?

YUI?Is that so~, it’s good if you can go. I tought it was a beautiful resolution, do you like summer festival!s??

?Arashi??yes, I like them very much!?

YUI?What do you like to do!??

?Arashi??usually walk to various place, it’s fun!?

YUI?is that so, is that so! Did you write this diary thinking very carefuly!??

?Arashi??I thought about it carefully, from deep inside of me?

YUI?Then you have a resolution with a good feeling ne. is the person you like the same age as you are??

?Arashi??Yes. Same age. We are together since elementary school but after we are highschool we are in different schools?

YUI?What kind of girl is she??

?Arashi??She is a little natural and healthy girl.?

YUI?Then, you like her because of that??


YUI?about yesterday’s invitation, is it been a long time you didn’t meet her??

?Arashi??Yesterday I invite her by mail. We always mail each other frequently????

YUI?If you went to the summer festival, it would’ve been just the two of you, right??

?Arashi??It’s not just the two of us, there are some people will go.?

YUI?Then, If it happens she could go, in the appointeed day by what kind of confession would you make !??

?Arashi??I still haven’t thought much about the plan.?

YUI?If you manage to stay just the two of you it will nice! I got it~ ?Arashi?-kun I’m supporting your resolution!
I’m waiting for your realization report diary! Thanks for your message! Give your best!?

YUI-sensei : ?Arashi?-kun, I wonder if I was asking too much questions? were you nervous?

He is the last person, sorry because my voice became little! but I’m supporting you!!

?????????????????????????????????????????? Summer Edition?
Okay, all the pupils let’s send sesolutions like “I’ll do this!” to Kamihikouki Summer Edition
and send them my email please!
We are waiting for your resolutions for the middle of the summer!

YUI-sensei’s “Single word after class” can be heard every week in the mobil site~??

M?es.car ? YUI
M?It’s all right ? YUI
M?Ready to love ? YUI