YUI-Lover Collaboration 3 *updated*


HISASHI KONDO, a.k.a Shigezou-san, received the YUI-Lover Collaboration 3 CD in the mail ! !

He wrote a comment in his diary and also talked about it in his radio show!!!

Kikino sent it all the way from Chile!

You can read Hisashi Kondo’s blog entry here:

The important part translated by uchihamel

Yesterday night, 5 minutes before the start of the program!!

In the studio just before the start of the late night airing!!

I had a great time talking with Tomoya-san whom I haven’t spoken to in some time about topics such as missing the ‘New Vocabulary Award’ program!!

We received a recording all the way from Chile.

Among the tracks, there was one which did a band cover of ‘again’ and we listened to it.

The vocalist was someone from SINGAPORE and it sounded like she tried her best and the emotions were coming across as well.

Then, after recording the encore,
I slept all the way till morning…

Also you can listen to the comments he made in his radio show, Satayan

Comment translated by Fujii Itsuki

Sata*Yan (28/11) – Commenting on the YUI-Lover Collaboration 3
(S: Shigezo aka Hisashi Kondo, T: Tomoya aka Charisma Promoter)

S: Also, We received a demo tape from overseas! Sent all the way from Chile, there were 17 tracks in total covering YUI’s songs.
T: Yup, a global one.
S: Right? People from various countries singing in Japanese. Among them, there was a band that did ‘again’ wasn’t there?
T: From Singapore, Natsukashii Band.
S: The name, Natsukashii Band, I think it could have come from a word with a similar meaning over there. From ‘Something Band’, they probably thought “Let’s try and translate it into Japanese!”, “Natsukashii eh? Yosh! Sounds good, let’s go with the Natsukashii in Japanese!”. Something like that probably happened…but that’s just my imagination talking~ And so we have the cover of ‘again’ from this Natsukashii Band.
T: (The covers) were really interesting weren’t they?
S: You can tell that they tried their best. They were really good! The singing and the performances were properly recorded and compiled. Everyone’s effort really came through in the covers.

And check out the forum to see the all the YUI-Lovers freaking out! XP

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