YUI-Lover Collaboration 4


In this fourth version of the traditional YUI-Lover collaboration, more than  50 people joined one way or another. We are happy to say that even Japanese fans joined with their talent this time. This is the final result of about two months of hard work. It would have not been possible if it wasn’t for the help of many people who contributed to form an exceptional team! Thank you to everyone!

1. Happy Birthday to you YUI ~YUI-Lover World Chorus~
2. pmmonkey x NorthernLight Feat. Lamevil ? ids x – Kiss Me
3. Suri x arnoldonicolas x pmmonkey – Please Stay With Me ~Spanish Version~
4. Suri x Aki no ha x arnoldonicolas x hefirius – Rain ~Rap Version~
5. karisuma – Thank you My teens
6. Vinsu – a room
7. sora – Your Heaven
8. Suri x pmmonkey x cyclo – GLORIA
9. Lena x Tetsuo – namidairo
10. azmikun – Tomorrow’s way
11. Frances – TOKYO
12. Suri x Lena x arnoldonicolas – Love&Truth ~Spanish Version~
13. Tetsuo x Val – Please Stay With Me
14. Aki no ha x Marie Heang – Muffler
15. YUKISON – Your Heaven ~Instrumental~
16. ids – CHE.RRY
17. Marie Heang – It’s My Life
18. lamevil x natchi x tsunvun – GLORIA
19. ids – TOKYO

Download the file in the forum

Although Japan is dealing with difficult times right now, we hope that this present will bring a little joy to YUI and her staff.

This time we thought of taking the chance and send one copy to e.u.Band and Hisashi Kondo as well. So we want to thank everyone who supported with money in order to make this to happen.

tsunvun86, PWRTSM, aron94, Ukoziak, Humberto Perez-Garcia, Luiz Henrique Silva Soares, Hirokazu T., azngfxboy, arnoldnicolas, Sara C.S., Kevin L., natchi, Megan K., MonkOfWar, ids, hefirius and br4d.

How did you get in there, YUPI!

This collaboration is packed with talent and love! Thanks to everyone who joined and supported!

Two copies of the collab will be put up for auction and the money will be donated to japanese red cross. More info soon!