YUI-Lover Collaboration 4


YUI-Lover Collaboration 4

The tradition will continue this year. Once again we will send it as a birthday present to YUI.
This time, the collaboration will include two main elements: one CD with covers, and a CD booklet with graphic artworks.

  • Covers must be posted in the thread in the forum.
  • For the booklet, artwork must be 12×12 cm (1417 x 1417 pixels) 300 dpi for best quality.
    Submissions may be drawings, collages, pictures, anything you want. Just remember it has to include a Birthday Greeting somewhere!
    Put effort in your submisions because they will be revised to meet a good quality standard. Try not to put any details in the borders because the edges will be cut off after the binding.
  • As for CD jacket art. There will be a contest opened to public. Submissions must be made until February 5th. Design must consider front and back of the CD box.

Tracks submited so far:

1. YU-Lover – Shake My Heart ~World version~
2. Suri x arnoldonicolas – Please Stay With Me ~Spanish Version~

Artwork submited:


Deadline for everything will be the last week of february.

For more information please visit the thread in the forum!