YUI performs at Saitama Super Arena for Tokyo Girls Collection. *Updated*


There is still no information whatsoever from YUI-net. But there was an intense debate in the forum of the reasons of why this performance was keep in secret.

The most reasonable explanation would be, since this was a fashion show, the organization of the event asked YUI’s management to keep this information concealed. Because they didn’t want YUI fans -people not related to the fashion industry- to go to the event only to see her. Even though, some members in the forum disagree. (panda xD)

The next issue is why YUI’s performance was cut out of the live broadcast from niconico douga.
Performances of korean group T-ARA (EMI), Ram Wire (Sony), Naoto Inti Raimi (Sony), Mukai Osamu promoting his latest movie, Cirque du Soleil among others were fully broadcasted. But YUI’s performance was omitted.
Since there were two artist from Sony broadcasted, the reasons behind this decision is really hard to imagine.

I’m affraid there won’t be any official explanation from YUI-net, so only assumptions will have to suffice.

* Songs performed were HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~ and It’s My Life

Pictures taken from TGC website.

* Roady attsuttsu said: “There was a peculiar atmosphere in the venue (sweat)”
Apparently YUI shouted: “Let’s have a blast with this pair!! (of songs)”

* Supporting band was formed by Chris, Lisa and Rie. According to Chris:

Today, YUI-san performed at Tokyo Girls Collection in Sitama Super Arena.
I supported with Lisa-chan and Rie-chan!
The concert was short, but really fun!

The two girls also appear in “It’s My Life” and “HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~” Music videos.

* Miori Takimoto (actress who appeared on “Never say die” MV) visited YUI backstage.

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