YUI performs at Saitama Super Arena for Tokyo Girls Collection… and they kept the secret.



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We try to be supportive fans. But when they keep secrets from you it’s just frustrating.
I don’t even live in Japan, but if I did, I would be really disapointed. I mean, some people would have had the the chance to meet YUI there, but they never announced her performance! Even YUI wrote in her diary “I have nothing interesting to write about” Well…what about: “I’m having a friggin concert tomorrow”?!!
I’m not blaming her at all. Again, this is just her management doing things that doesn’t make any sense.

How are we supposed to find out how to support YUI and where is she going to perform if not through the official website?


Stalking maybe!?
Well they are certainly pushing some to do so… (not me xD )

* Roady attsuttsu said: “There was a peculiar atmosphere in the venue”
Apparently YUI shouted: “Let’s have a blast with this pair!!(of songs)”

* Supporting band was formed by Chris, Lisa and Rie. According to Chris:

Today, YUI-san performed at Tokyo Girls Collection in Sitama Super Arena.
I supported with Lisa-chan and Rie-chan!
The concert was short, but really fun!


The two girls also appear in “It’s My Life” and “HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~” Music videos.

Info also confirmed by Yusuke at honeybee website

* Songs performed were HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~ and It’s My Life



* The show was broadcasted on niconico douga (Japanese youtube) They featured performances of korean group T-ARA, Ram Wire, Mukai Osamu promoting his latest movie, cirque du soleil among others. YUI’s performance was omitted.

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